About Cycles of Change

The staff and volunteers of Cycles of Change work tirelessly to increase the use of bicycles as transportation, connect youth with the extraordinary living systems of our local area, and build a diverse community of visionary young leaders.

Wandering around Oakland, you might run into Cycles of Change at Bret Harte Middle School, where participants in an after school bike club learn how to fix their own bikes; at a local middle school where the Bike Mobile is sponsoring a fix-a-thon; teaching safe biking skills as part of our Safe Routes to School program, or helping you find the bike you’ve always dreamed of at the Bikery, our collectively run community bike shop in Fruitvale.



The Bike Go Round is a Cycles of Change program that has given away over 750 bikes to adults who lacked reliable transportation. This program is in danger of getting cut, and we need to raise $15,000 to save it.

Initiated in 2009, the Bike-Go-Round is our first program for adults. We outfit new commuters with everything needed to make bicycling their primary form of transportation—a bicycle, helmet, lock, safety lights, rack and panniers, classes in maintenance and safe riding, and support in finding routes and using public transportation.

In the last three years the Bike-Go-Round project has served 500 new bicycle commuters, employed 5 young people in our neighborhood bike centers, and reused over 750 bicycles.Bike-Go-Round operates out of The Bikery, a community bicycle education and repair center and used bike shop. The Bikery has a youth-operated earn-a-bike program and serves both adults and youth participants of various Cycles of Change programs. Our low-cost repairs and sliding scale prices are vital to keep new as well as seasoned bike commuters wheeling everyday.

You can read about how Bike Go Round has impacted people’s lives here and here.


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