What if I have never fundraised before, and it feels really scary to raise $1500?

We understand that fundraising can feel intimidating, and we have a LOT of resources and tools for you to become a successful fundraiser. It’s easier than you might think! People love to support their friends and great causes, especially when you’re challenging yourself by riding your bike really far. First, know that our goal is for each rider to raise their funding commitment by June 20th, but we’ll work with you to meet your goal even if it takes a little longer.  Second, we will be doing a fundraising workshop that will give you all the tools you need to be successful in your fundraising.

You can also work with a friend and form a fundraising team to raise the $1,500 together!  Each rider or team will get a personalized fundraising page on razoo.com to make it even easier to raise money.

What is the terrain like?

We’ll be riding through beautiful Marin County, which is primarily rolling hills. We definitely recommend having a bike with three chain rings in the front – some of those hills are steep!!

Where will we stay? What if I don’t like camping/can’t sleep on the ground?

We’re staying at a different campground each night, where we’ll enjoy delicious home cooked meals and singing under the stars.   We’re happy to provide camping equipment (sleeping bag, ground pad, and tent) for anyone who doesn’t have their own.  If you have physical limitations that make it difficult to sleep on a ground pad, please let us know!

What will happen to the money we raise?

The money you raise goes DIRECTLY to supporting Cycles of Change bicycle education programs.

Do I have to carry my own gear?

No, we have a support and gear vehicle that will carry your gear, leaving you free to enjoy the road!

 What if I can’t ride the whole way?  What if I want more miles?

Everyone is welcome to participate in Bike Down, regardless of your biking ability! If you get tired and want to stop riding, we will have designated shuttle points where you can hop in the SAG (support and gear) vehicle.  If you’d prefer a more challenging ride,  we are happy to provide alternate routes that add elevation and great scenery.


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